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The workshop “A multidisciplinary approach to embrace complexity and sustainability in Megaprojects” – designed and created in collaboration between the Merit research team (Politecnico di Milano and  Università Cattolica) together with  ANIMP and IPMA Italy– is, aimed to bring together experts – both academics and professionals – with different backgrounds and perspectives to open a debate and a multidisciplinary discussion on megaprojects.

2022 edition of MeRIT workshop “fil rouge” is about the innovative strategies and practices that Project Management Community has developed in response to recent major disruptions and context evolutions.

The Event will, as usual, go “beyond” the traditional approaches and will share and discuss new perspectives and practices that support Project resilience, adaptiveness, and success.

Day one will be dedicated to the state of art and the future of megaproject management research. Researchers and PhD students will have the opportunity to present papers and industrial case studies (including those still in a working version) and receive feedback from acknowledged academics. A process of review will follow to the conference and selected papers will be then published in a Scopus indexed Springer publication.

Day two will be dedicated to the stakeholders’ perspective on Megaprojects. In this sense, the top managers point of view of international leading companies will be tackled, and through round tables, a multidisciplinary panel of experts will be invited to provide their vision on new trends and challenges in managing complex and mega projects.

Specialists from both academia and industry are invited to share their expertise in:

  • Project and program management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Megaprojects policy, legislation, and contract management
  • Megaprojects setting and organizational configuration
  • Risk Management
  • Megaproject governance
  • Sustainability in megaprojects management
  • Megaprojects governance
  • Megaprojects’ people development
  • Artificial Intelligence techniques in megaproject planning and monitoring
  • Megaprojects and society relations

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend plenary sessions
  • Present papers and case studiesto be later revised for indexed publications
  • Actively participate in round tables with the focus on different project management solution application

Workshop goals

  • Fostering exchange of ideas about new research topics and practices on megaprojects
  • Increase the connection between practitioners and academics to exchange experience and proven practices in megaprojects
  • Knowledge sharing on past and current megaprojects
  • Networking between practitioners and academics